Supplier of metallic components for the automotive industry

We are your supplier for medium and big sized parts for body in white (BIW) and chassis

As a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier, we efficiently work every day fulfilling the requirements of the most challenging projects. Download our technical sheet and discover how we can support you and your company in tool making (stamping dies), stamping, welding of assemblies and cataphoretic coating (cathodic dip coating).

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    We are a European industrial group focused on the automotive industry, located in the north of Spain, that has been evolving for over 80 years together with the industry. Our team, highly qualified and with a great capability of adaptation, work to offer manufacturing solutions that efficiently comply with the requirements of our customers.


    Over 80 years evolving with the automotive industry.


    Experts in manufacturing of metallic components of medium and big size as Tier 1 and Tier 2.


    Parts supplier for automotive production plants in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, and Belgium.


    We adapt to the requirements of each project

    If you need a supplier that offers various manufacturing services in an integrated manner, or if you just need one service from our value chain, at ORAN you’ll always find innovation and quality in every detail.



    Stamping in 4 robotized tandem lines with header presses of up to 1.200 tons for parts up to 2.300 mm x 1.600 mm in size.

    Welding and assemblies


    Great versatility in the manufacturing of assemblies, adding value using diverse joining technologies both in robotized cells and in manual stations.

    Cataphoretic coating


    Cathodic dip coating by immersion in an automated line with a paint cask of 40.000 liters

    • Maximum size of parts:1.400 mm x1.600 mm x750 mm
    • Black paint by PPG: Powercron 6200 HE
    • Coating thickness: 15-35 micrometers

    Tool making and machining


    Full competence in the development, manufacturing, and maintenance of stamping tooling

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    Repeatability warranty

    As trusted manufacturers for first level brands, our production processes are fully aligned with the technical requirements demanded by your projects.

    Our quality control department, supported by a modern metrology center, verifies that the parts manufactured comply with the technical requirements and assure that the parts’ tolerances are met, guaranteeing the consistency in results throughout the lifecycle of every project.

    Our management system is certified under the IATF 16949 norm and, additionally, we are aware of our environmental responsibility derived from our industrial activity, we also have our environmental management certified under the international norm ISO 14001.

    Are you looking for a supplier of stamping, welding of assemblies and/or cataphoretic coating (cathodic dip coating), which can also make stamping dies?

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