La transformación digitial desde un punto de vista kafkiano
#Part of the future

The digital transformation in companies from a Kafkaesque point of view

We have been living for decades in a process of constant change. And we are not talking about subtle changes precisely. It is easy to feel disoriented in the face of such a substantial revolution as the one digital environment has brought us. At times it feels like we are the main character in a Kafka novel.

We are not very far from some of the themes dealt with in “The Metamorphosis“. A visionary novel that is over 100 years old and seems to make more sense with each passing year.

“After a bad night, Gregorio tries to get up to go to work and realizes that he has become a huge insect”

In the novel, the one who changes is Gregorio who goes from being a human to being a horrible bug who can no longer live his life normally. However, in our time, what has changed is the context. And if companies don’t change, they will feel like Gregorio, unable to function.

Digital transformation has changed everything.

The way of relating, giving opinions, sharing and learning has undergone a radical change both at a social level and in the business world. Data is worthless if it is not shared, studied and used as a guide. What you did is no longer valid, and what you do today will not be the same as what you do in 5 years.

That’s why it’s important to be flexible, agile and dynamic. Be aware of the opportunities presented by the digital transformation. Convulsive economic times are approaching and, as Darwin said, those who best adapt to change survive.

At the end of the novel, Gregorio finds himself wounded, confused and unable to work. If he doesn’t remedy it in time, a similar fate awaits him, without a doubt, those companies that don’t make their own METAMORPHOSIS.