La CMM Mercury una de las herramientas de metrología más actuales
#Part of the future

Metrology: how we measure accuracy

Despite the modern sound of its name, metrology is considered one of the oldest sciences. Unsurprisingly, man chose his own body as the basis for the first units of measurement more than 7,000 years ago. It all started with the inch, the span, the elbow, or the foot, but obviously we have come a long way since then.

Today, metrology continues to play a fundamental role in our society. Especially in industrial manufacturing tasks such as those we perform at ORAN. Its usefulness is so well established that many of the products we use every day are the way they are thanks to its meticulous metric capabilities. And its use is crucial to achieve the highest standards of quality and competitiveness currently required in industrial production.

Aware of the importance of process robustness, verified by statistical control, our quality team is perfectly equipped to carry out this supervision in a fully automated way, allowing us to be more agile in production validations and to give better support to the manufacturing lines.

CMM Mercury, an investment to boost quality and flexibility

This is why, at ORAN, we have expanded our capabilities by adding a hybrid machine: coordinate measuring (CMM) and laser scanning. This technology offers ultra-precise measurements of objects for manufacturing quality control, component homologation and reverse engineering support. Its features are so advanced and flexible that we can perform very complete controls in a very agile and fast way.

In that sense our CMM machine, MERCURY C belongs to the latest generation of horizontal measuring machines type “Console”. Thanks to a system that optimizes the use of a large number of point-to-point, continuous and non-contact sensors, amazing accuracies are obtained. Even more impressive if we take into account the temperature compensation per axis and part, or its “Short Step Correction” system to improve performance.

Detalle del laser de la MERCURY C

Detail of the MERCURY C laser, which allows non-contact measurement, ensuring that metrology tasks are performed quickly and efficiently.
But for practical purposes, above all it allows us to further deepen one of our most deeply rooted values: flexibility. Not only because the scanning speed is boosted by its automatically adapting laser. The long reach of the measuring arm and the large work table make it possible to measure several references in series, without having to change the measuring fixtures (which have to be aligned each time they enter the machine).

In short, a tool that verifies the accuracy and repeatability of our work with quality assurance.