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The IATF: A quality standard that certifies our commitment to continuous improvement

When “quality” and “efficiency” are two of your main goals, continuous improvement is an indispensable tool to keep moving forward. That’s why in ORAN we have always followed the principles of “lean manufacturing” and the “Toyota methodology”.

After more than 80 years deepening in the improvement of processes, one could think that the optimization capacity of a company is already very reduced. But this is an anecdotal sensation. It only remains until a change of perspective allows you to observe the processes in greater depth.

In that sense, standards like IATF 16949 can only bring good news. They confirm that our methodologies are up to date. They guarantee that our process engineering is sound. And, sometimes, they give us clues about details that are worth reviewing from a new perspective.

Continuous improvement in the automotive sector

However, the IATF is much more than a quality standard developed by major vehicle manufacturers. It is a certification specially designed to improve customer satisfaction, and very focused on the guarantee of supply. Its implementation has allowed us to establish a system based on the detection of risks and problems prior to production.

From this approach, the two most remarkable advantages of operating under the standard arise:

Customer recognition and confidence

This is derived from the guarantee that our working methods will meet the quality requirements without any problem. It certifies that the parts supplied comply with the CSR (Customer Specifications Requirements) of each manufacturer. This confidence is strongly consolidated thanks to the use of a common, international, recognized and standardized language.

Maximum efficiency and elimination of errors in production

Something that is undoubtedly an advantage for our customers. Although perhaps even more so for ourselves, as the time spent producing imperfect pieces disappears.

Despite our historical focus on quality and process improvement (we have been ISO 9001 certified since 2004), the arrival of the IATF has brought about a cultural change in our production. We soon discovered that it was a concise and practical standard. Its implementation would guide us towards an essential transformation to provide value in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

The introduction of management by indicators, formation of multidisciplinary working groups and highly qualified personnel made us more competitive. Not only that, it has allowed us to take into account all points of view when producing. But it has also made possible the development of documents that guide all the processes of the company. For example, our own digitized business management manual (not just quality as required by the standard).

Almost 2 years after the implementation of the standard, the balance from ORAN is excellent. Our business approach “always forward” has been the perfect framework to properly receive the certification. Its focus on improving the efficiency of specific production processes in the automotive sector is a substantial advance for all. And in short, it has made us an organization with a standardized management model totally focused on continuous improvement, effectiveness and efficiency.

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